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120 Fv152
Sogn og Fjordane, 6848

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The Norwegian Glacier Museum offers entertainment and education for the whole family. The Norwegian Glacier Museum is a official visitor centre of the Jostedalsbreen National Park.


News. Here you find the latest news from the Norwegian Glacier Museum.

Annual glacier measurements 2012

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The Norwegian Glacier Museum is measuring the front positions of some glaciers in Fjærland every year to find out if they are advancing or retreating. We have measured the Supphellebreen Glacier since 1992 and the Bøyabreen Glacier since 2003. This year we added The Little Supphellebreen Glacier to our measurement program.

Our measurements show that the Bøyabreen and Little Supphellebreen Glaciers were advancing 26 and 13 metres respectively, while the Supphellebreen Glacier retreated 15 metres this year.

The Little Supphellebreen Glacier. Photo: Gaute D. Bøyum.

The Little Supphellebreen Glacier (picture above) is an active outlet from the ice cap of Jostedalsbreen. The two other glaciers (pictures below) are regenerated glaciers, which mean they exist with respect to ice and snow avalanches from a glacier above.